Founded in 1962, JENDOCO Real Estate was the originator of “Flex” space in the Pittsburgh Market. Over 50 years, we have built numerous Industrial and Business Parks located North, East and West of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

With over 1.5 million Square Feet of affordable properties, we are able to answer almost any Tenant need, such as:

Offices | Laboratories | Research facilities | Manufacturing | Warehouse Distribution

JENDOCO Real Estate also specializes in helping with expansion needs of startup companies. A young company which starts in our Parks may eventually require more space or perhaps their own building or campus. In these instances, we will be able to work with the tenants to:

Purchase the land | Obtain approvals | Assist in the design and construction of the property
Call us, so we can assist your Company’s real estate needs and be your Pittsburgh premier space provider.

      Our Team

Domenic Dozzi
Kelsey Armahizer
Meredith Calfe
Senior Manager of
Real Estate Operations
Pierre Brun
Director of Leasing & Marketing
Tracey Zimmerman
Property Manager



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